m n Emily Davidson is a portrait photographer
in central Nebraska. She loves meeting new
people and leaving with friends.
Focusing on newborn, families, engagements,
seniors, and portraits for all professionals,
she is blessed with the many friends
she has acquired throughout her photographic

You scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. You see pictures, you might hit the like button, or you may even wonder where that girl got that shirt. Either way, the photo made you look. We are so saturated with photos nowadays. You might have stumbled on this page because you were intrigued by the idea of a "photography workshop." Or maybe you came here because you’ve been waiting for something like this for a while. Regardless of the reason, you’re here. You or someone you might know has a passion for photography. Whether you just bought a camera yesterday or if you’ve been playing around with the settings for the last couple of years, I want to meet you, I want to learn about your story, and I want to help you tell your story through pictures.

You see, learning about photography can be intimidating. I know I was intimidated by the lack of knowledge I had. I bought a camera but didn't know how to fully use it. How can other people take these gorgeous pictures when I was using the same equipment? I wanted to learn, and luckily I was able to learn little by little over the last 5 years. Looking back now, I see that introverted girl, and I want to shake her a little. I wanted to tell her,

"You could have made it easier on yourself if you just asked for help!" 

Photography Rising has been on my mind and heart for the last two years. I’ve had some sweet individuals ask for some help in their photography journey, and I’ve finally allowed myself time to create a workshop for aspiring photographers to share my little nuggest of knowledge.

More importantly, this just isn't any workshop. I want to cultivate an encouraging community for photographers or just regular people that want to take better pictures. This goes beyond a one day event. This is a family

I want you to be a part of that community.

What will be covered? What makes a good photo?
Camera settings
How to find the best light
What's included? Notes from all of the sessions
Community of like-minded individuals
Shadow shoot
Facebook group
Let's make some art

Photography Rising applications close January 17th. Participants will be notified on January 19th. 

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